Monday, February 2, 2009

The papaya fixer upper

Things aren't so good following the health tip to eliminate high blood pressure by eating papaya on an empty stomach and not eating anything else for two hours.

Day 1, I ate a Caribbean Sunrise papaya (the small one) and it tasted great. I was so full. About an hour and a half in, my stomach was telling me something. Not that I was nauseous. The best way to describe it: my stomach was in motion. Which when you think about it, having eaten a papaya on an empty stomach and thus eating a fruit that is also known as a meat tenderizer, it's not surprizing it was doing something.

The great news, unlike my normal breakfast of fruit and oatmeal, I wasn't hungry for four hours later. Keep in mind, my normal breakfast normally includes papaya as a part of it.

Day 2, same thing. Not so alarmingly the second time around. And yes I was full past my normal lunch time.

Day 3, I don't eat breakfast before church and after church I go to brunch with friends.

Today, the store was out of Caribbean Reds or Sunrises and only had another brand that I don't like the musky smell of. I was back to normal breakfast again.

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