Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Uniq Fruit - things to know

Uniq Fruit on the tree in Jamaica
Buying a Uniq Fruit is easy. The loose, bumpy and somewhat mottled coloring skin is thick which has got to help keep the inside juicy with a great citrusy taste. The fruit is picked ready to eat, so no need to leave it out on the counter like other tropicals. Left out on the counter, it will stay ready-to-eat for up to 12 days. In the refrigerator, quite a bit longer. I've kept Uniq Fruit up to a month in my veggie drawer in the frig.

This fruit is great as an ingredient in salads. If you use it like a grapefruit, you may find yourself no longer buying grapefruit. Uniq Fruit's hint of tangerine makes it the favorite.

Considered an excellent source of vitamin C and fiber, Uniq Fruit contains fewer than 40 calories, about the same as grapefruit.

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